Tooth-colored Fillings Complement Your Natural Teeth

A close-up of a young woman's smile with a dental mirrorTooth decay affects nearly every dental patient at some point in their lives. At Smile Solutions by Emmi Dental Associates, we offer tooth-colored fillings to restore your tooth after it has been damaged by decay. Tooth-colored fillings blend beautifully with your tooth and are extremely durable as well. For this reason, Drs. Jeffrey Emmi, Laura Dougherty, and Jeffrey Bartoshesky are proud to offer only tooth-colored fillings at our Wilmington, DE, dental office. If you have a cavity, chip, or crack that needs to be addressed, you can rest easy knowing we will not use a metal restoration. To learn more about fillings, or to schedule an appointment, contact our dental office today.

Dental Fillings: Simple Yet Effective

Dental fillings have been used for decades to fill in cavities and correct chips and cracks. Traditionally, these fillings were made from a mixture of metals, known as amalgams, which tended to be dark gray in color. This made them quite conspicuous when people opened their mouths to talk, eat, or laugh. Perhaps not surprisingly, metal fillings can make some people very self-conscious about their smiles.

Of greater concern is the fact that metal fillings expand and contract when exposed to cold or heat. This constant expansion and contraction eventually damages the structure of the tooth. For this reason, it may be recommended that metal fillings be replaced with tooth-colored fillings.

Composite, tooth-colored filling provide a superior alternative to traditional amalgam fillings. They not only look better, since they match the natural color of the tooth, but they offer other benefits over amalgam fillings as well.

Benefits of Tooth-colored Fillings

It is important to understand the advantages tooth-colored fillings have over metal fillings:


Although amalgam fillings are considered safe, many people feel more comfortable with metal-free composite fillings. With dental composite, there is absolutely no risk of dangers that may be associated with mercury.


Because composite fillings match the color and shine of your teeth, no one will even know they are there. They won’t discolor over time either, so you can enjoy your enhanced appearance for years. With proper care, fillings can last up to a full decade.

Strength and Durability

Tooth-colored fillings allow more of the natural structure of the tooth to be kept intact, which enables the tooth to stay stronger for longer. Additionally, the resin composite actually bonds to the tooth, improving its strength.


Because tooth-colored fillings match the appearance of the tooth structure, they can be used for cosmetic as well as restorative purposes. Fillings and dental bonding are often recommended for repairing chips, closing gaps, and correcting minor misalignment.

Placing Fillings

If you have a small cavity, crack, or chip, we will apply the dental composite directly to the treatment area. To ensure the treatment area provides a suitable surface, we will first clean it by removing bacteria, treating it with a solution, and eliminating damaged material. This simple process helps ensure a strong bond is formed between the tooth and resin.

After the resin has been applied, it will be shaped, cured (or hardened), and polished. The process can typically be completed in just one office visit, and in some cases, can take an hour or less. You will leave our dental office with a restored and revitalized tooth, and will be able to smile and laugh with confidence.

Video: Tooth Colored Fillings


Tooth colored bonded fillings blend with natural teeth and are available at Smile Solutions in Wilmington. Our tooth colored fillings are matched to each patient's natural tooth color. In contrast to metal fillings of the past, these fillings blend seamlessly within the smile while providing durability and cavity protection for many years of functionality.

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If you would like more information about tooth-colored fillings, or would like to speak to with one of our doctors about replacing your existing amalgam fillings with tooth-colored composite fillings, contact us today.

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