Dental Extractions Can Pave the Way to a Healthier Smile

A smiling young womanAlthough we strive to save our patients' natural teeth, there are times when a tooth has become so broken or damaged, even a filling or crown cannot fix it. When a tooth is severely damaged, decayed, or impacted, dental extraction may be necessary. At our Wilmington, DE, dental practice, we perform extractions for wisdom tooth removal, the treatment of dental decay and trauma, and more. In all cases, we only recommend this treatment if we believe that an extraction procedure will be your best option. If you are experiencing severe dental pain or have a tooth that is damaged or decayed, schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Emmi, Dr. Laura Dougherty, or Jeffrey Bartoshesky today.

Understanding the Basics of Dental Extraction

Extractions are categorized as being either simple or surgical. Simple extractions are done when the tooth can be seen above the gum line and is still intact enough to be removed whole. A surgical extraction is done when the tooth is not intact or has broken off beneath the gum line. This type of extraction requires an incision in the gum line to access the tooth and may require sutures afterward.

Regardless of which method is employed during your procedure, our team will make sure that you are comfortable before the procedure begins. We offer a number of sedation dentistry options to help patients undergoing such treatment.

Removing the Wisdom Teeth

Our third and final set of molars comes after the rest of our adult teeth, and usually do not make an appearance until we are between 17 and 25 years old. These teeth are called wisdom teeth. Though not everyone is negatively affected by wisdom teeth, many people experience crowding or an impaction. Dental problems can result, so most dentists suggest they be removed before they are able to cause future complications.

Some of the most common problems with wisdom teeth include:

  • Wisdom teeth grow in partially, leaving portions of them stuck under the gum. In some cases, gum tissue grows in over the partially erupted teeth. This can be uncomfortable and contribute to a possible infection.
  • Wisdom teeth grow in at an odd angle, such as towards the back or side of the mouth, which can lead to misalignment and eruption.
  • Wisdom teeth grow into or erupt towards adjacent teeth, creating crookedness where there had been none before, leading to adverse effects on a patient's bite.

Left untreated, these conditions can lead to the need for more costly and complicated restorative dentistry treatment in the future. However, we are advocates for conservative treatment, and will only recommend wisdom tooth removal if we believe it is both necessary and beneficial for you.

The Role of Self-care After Your Procedure

It is important to follow your doctor's instructions for self-care after any type of extraction. It is recommended that patients do not smoke or drink through straws after the procedure. Both of these activities can dislodge the blood clot that is forming at the extraction site. Without this clot, you might experience unnecessary complications, such as bleeding that cannot be easily stopped. Take any prescribed medications as directed, and do not hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns. It may take a couple of weeks to fully heal following a tooth extraction, so we caution patience on your part.

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