Experience the Benefits of Laser Periodontal Therapy

Many patients underestimate the importance of their periodontal health. The same bacteria that cause decay can also infect your gum tissue, causing uncomfortable symptoms and eventual tooth loss. Laser periodontal therapy performed at our Wilmington, DE, practice is an advanced means of curbing periodontal disease and protecting your oral health. Our team of experienced dentists can diagnose periodontal infection and use this sophisticated approach to give you a healthier smile. If you are experiencing symptoms of gum disease, such as inflammation and receding gums, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

If you suffer from gum disease, we can use a tiny, thin laser device to eliminate plaque and tartar from beneath your gum line, killing the bacteria that cause infection.

What is Gum Disease?

Bacteria can accumulate below the gumline, causing your gums to become inflamed, irritated, and infected. There are several stages of gum disease:

  • Gingivitis is the earliest stage, characterized by bleeding and swelling. This type of infection may be reversed with improved oral hygiene, but more persistent cases will require laser periodontal therapy.
  • Periodontitis is the more advanced form of gum disease. If gingivitis is left untreated, it may advance to periodontitis, the formation of larger pockets of infection.
  • Advanced periodontitis can lead to even more serious damage. This severe infection can actually begin to destroy the bones and soft tissue that hold the teeth in place. In addition, advanced periodontitis may raise your risk for systemic infection, cardiovascular issues, and other health concerns.


You should contact our office for assistance if you experience:

  • Red, swollen, or sensitive periodontal tissue
  • Gums that bleed or ooze pus
  • Consistent halitosis (foul-smelling and –tasting breath)
  • Oral sores
  • Receding gums (meaning that the tissue begins to shrink away from the teeth)
  • Loose teeth or unstable dentures
  • Changes in occlusion (the fit between your top and bottom teeth)

During your initial consultation, one of our dentists will examine your smile for signs of gum disease, and recommend appropriate treatment.

The Procedure

laser perio care

Our dentists use the LANAP® system from Millennium Dental Technologies, Inc. to provide laser periodontal therapy. If you suffer from gum disease, we can use a tiny, thin laser device to eliminate plaque and tartar from beneath your gum line, killing the bacteria that cause infection. The powerful, precise pulses of light can also close pockets in your tissue to prevent further infection. This treatment typically takes two short appointments to complete. We may also use laser tools to refine your gum line as needed for more advanced cases.


Laser periodontal therapy offers numerous advantages over traditional treatment techniques, which use scalpels and other instruments. Many patients prefer this procedure because laser periodontal therapy:

  • Has a shorter treatment time.
  • Immediately cauterizes the tissue to begin the healing process and prevent further infection.
  • Can more effectively and comprehensively eliminate bacteria than many other approaches.
  • Usually provides long-lasting outcomes.
  • Requires no incisions or sutures.

Our dentists can provide guidance in preventing future periodontal health issues following treatment.

Learn More about Laser Periodontal Therapy

Laser periodontal treatment can help you resolve gum disease and maintain your oral health. Contact our dental practice today to learn more about laser periodontal therapy and how it can help you enjoy a healthier smile. 

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