Compassionate Care to Help Overcome Your Dental Phobia

Many people suffer from dental anxiety, the fear of going to the dentist. For some patients, this anxiety develops into a significant phobia. Patients with dental phobia have a fear so intense that they may go years without visiting their dentist.

Dr. Jeffrey J. Emmi understands how difficult dental phobia is for his patients from Wilmington, DE, and the surrounding areas. He can go over techniques to relax, and offers sedation dentistry to help provide more comfort during procedures. If you suffer from this fear, Smile Solutions wants to help you receive the quality dental care you deserve. 

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Symptoms of Phobia

Dental phobia is different from dental anxiety. People who suffer from dental phobia are not just nervous about going to the dentist. These patients may be scared to even call the office to make an appointment. There are a number of symptoms that can signal that you are suffering from a dental phobia, including:

  • Inability to sleep prior to your procedure
  • Racing heart rate
  • Circling thoughts
  • Nausea
  • Increasing stress in the waiting room
  • Emotional outbursts

Causes of Dental Phobia

The most common reason given for patients being scared of the dentist is the fear of pain. This fear may stem from patients with extra-sensitive teeth and low pain thresholds. Older adults may also remember early dental visits, before recent, modern advancements in technology and minimal-discomfort techniques.

Some patients have stayed away from the dentist for so long that they feel shame about the shape their teeth are in now. Other patients may feel that they have no control over what will happen, a stress that causes strong feelings of anxiety. In addition, some patients have had negative dental experiences in the past may feel terrified at the prospect of repeating the past.

At Smile Solutions, we take your fears very seriously. We will take the time to discuss every treatment and do everything we can to make you comfortable.

How to Overcome Your Phobia

There are several things that you and our team can do to help allay your fears when you visit Smile Solutions. You can read testimonials and see what other patients have said about our care. These reviews can help you gain a better appreciation for our dedication and how we will treat you and help you deal with your phobia during a visit. You can also learn about our advanced technology that helps to provide minimal-discomfort treatment, such as laser periodontal care.

You can request different forms of safe, effective sedation for additional relaxation. Dr. Emmi offers nitrous oxide, which provides feelings of euphoria and causes sensations of deep relaxation. Our team will also take time to talk with you and discuss each procedure we will perform, so that nothing catches you by surprise. In addition, we provide virtual reality glasses to watch movies and provide distractions to take your mind off of the sights and sounds.

Receive Compassionate, Gentle Care

At Smile Solutions, we take your fears very seriously. We will take the time to discuss every treatment and do everything we can to make you comfortable. If you would like to make an appointment or talk to us about your fears, contact our office today.

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