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Dental crowns are used at our Wilmington offices to cover teeth that are weakened or otherwise damaged. They distribute weight evenly in the bite, protecting the natural tooth below. Specialized crowns can also anchor dental bridges to fill the gap left by a missing tooth.

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Dental crowns are single-tooth restorations that renew your smile's beauty and function after tooth loss. At Smile Solutions by Emmi Dental Associates, we use only the highest-quality porcelain and other materials to create these durable, beautiful restorations for our patients. Drs. Jeffrey Emmi and Laura Dougherty combine their dental skill with artistic vision to ensure that each crown matches in size, shape, and color with adjacent teeth. To learn more about dental crowns, schedule an appointment at our Wilmington office today

What is a Dental Crown?

Traditional dental crowns are designed to restore and protect teeth that have been severely damaged by decay or trauma. These restorations fit snugly around patients' natural teeth like cap and are then bonded in place. Before a traditional crown can be placed, one of our skilled dentists will create room for it by removing some enamel from the patient's natural tooth.

There are several applications that dental crowns are used for. Crowns are almost always used to protect teeth after they receive root canal therapy. While root canal therapy preserves natural teeth by removing infected tissue from within its root, it leaves the tooth itself weakened. A dental crown protects this tooth from breaking and loosening and can extend its lifetime for many years.

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An implant-supported crown is secured and supported by a dental implant rather than a natural tooth. This type of crown is exceptionally secure. Made from biocompatible titanium, dental implants function like natural tooth roots. After an implant or implants are surgically placed within a patient's jaw, they can support crowns, bridges, and even dentures.

One type of crown is used as a support system for other restorations. This type of crown has a special fixture that is used to support an adjacent dental bridge. Today, implants are often used to support dental bridges in lieu of crowns.

Dental Crown Materials

At Emmi Dental Associates, Drs. Emmi and Dougherty use several types of materials to create our crowns and other restorations. Each has several unique benefits and can fit within patients' different budgets.

  • All-porcelain Crowns: We use IPS e.max® & IPS Empress® porcelain for our tooth-colored crowns. These materials are exceptionally strong and stain resistant. 
  • Noble Metal Crowns: All-metal crowns are sometimes used in the posterior, or back, portion of an arch. While they are aesthetically not as appealing as all-porcelain crowns, they are durable and can be very cost effective in some cases.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal Crowns: Also known as PFM crowns, these restorations comprise a metal base surrounded by tooth-colored porcelain on the outside.
  • Zirconia Crowns: Made from high-quality porcelain, this material closely mimics the look of natural enamel while being very customizable, stain resistant, and durable.

The type of materials used to create your crowns will be one of the main factors that affects their final cost. Our team cane help you understand what you will expect to pay and provide financing options.

Creating and Applying Crowns

Each of our dental crowns is made by our long-term dental laboratory partner. Specially trained laboratory technicians make each crown according to explicit direction from our dentists, so they fit with exacting precision.

If you are to receive an implant-supported crown, you will first need to undergo and recover from implant surgery. During this time, Drs. Emmi and Dougherty can provide you a temporary prosthesis to wear.

Many patients can receive traditional crowns in as few as two visits. In the first visit, your natural tooth will be reduced to make space for your crown around it. Then, our team will take impressions and aesthetic notes to share with our laboratory. In a few weeks, you will return to our office for placement. Your crown is checked for fit and aesthetic compatibility, then bonded in place.

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