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Smiling woman with brown eyes and long gray hairIf you have a damaged or weakened tooth, a dental crown can restore your smile and dental function. However, before you begin treatment, you may be wondering about the cost of treatment. Your dental crowns cost at our Wilmington practice depends upon the crown material, whether or not the crown is supported by a dental implant, among other factors. Drs. Jeffrey J. Emmi, Laura Dougherty, and Jeffrey Bartoshesky can help you determine the most cost-effective solution for your needs, while still restoring your smile beautifully. To learn more about pricing, or to schedule a personal consultation, contact our office today.

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Dental crowns are used at our Wilmington offices to cover teeth that are weakened or otherwise damaged. They distribute weight evenly in the bite, protecting the natural tooth below. Specialized crowns can also anchor dental bridges to fill the gap left by a missing tooth.

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Factors that Determine the Cost of Crowns

There are a number of factors that can affect the cost of your treatment. These considerations include:

  • Material: Crowns come in a variety of materials, including noble metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, IPS e.max®, and zirconia. Typically, metal will cost less than all-porcelain restorations. However, they will not have the same lifelike appearance.
  • The type of crown: Traditional crowns cover and protect a damaged tooth. Implant-supported crowns are supported by a permanent implant post. Because implant-supported restorations involve a surgical procedure and lengthier treatment process, they will typically cost more than traditional crowns. Nevertheless, many patients are willing to pay these extra costs to enjoy the stability and durability of implant-supported restorations.
  • Number of crowns: You can crown a single tooth, or you may receive more than one crown at a time. Obviously, your costs will be higher if you receive more than one restoration.
  • Sedation: Although you will experience minimal discomfort when you receive your crown, you may feel some anxiety at the thought of treatment. To soothe your nerves, we offer several forms of sedation. The costs of these medications will affect the total price of your procedure.

Investing in Your Oral Health

Before beginning treatment, you will have a complete consultation with Dr. Emmi or one of his associates. At this time, you can learn more about dental crowns and their related costs. Your dentist will customize your crown to make sure it fits within your budget. Nevertheless, you should remember that crowns are an invaluable investment in your smile and dental health. Dental crowns can strengthen your tooth and prevent more severe damage. Without treatment, your entire tooth could become compromised, requiring an extraction and more extensive restorative treatment. In addition, our crowns are custom-made to fit comfortably and blend with your smile. Thanks to our dentists’ skill and our advanced materials, a crown can restore your appearance and self-confidence.

Financing and Insurance

Since crowns play an important role in maintaining your oral health, they are covered by insurance in most cases. Our office team will assist you with your insurance claim and make sure that you get the full benefits from your health care plan. If you do not have insurance, we also offer CareCredit℠. This respected medical financing company offers low, fixed, and even no-interest repayment plans with approved credit. Our staff can tell you more about these plans and help you determine the right financing option for your budget.

Learn More

To learn more about the cost of dental crowns, schedule a consultation with one of our restorative dentists today.

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