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We offer dental implants at Smile Solutions, which replace missing teeth using a titanium post that replaces the tooth root. Our Wilmington offices can restore dental implants with beautiful, high-quality prostheses that are long-lasting. Our prostheses also blend naturally to match patients' natural teeth, and can help strengthen weakened jaw bone, among other benefits.

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Dental implants restore functionality and security to patients' smiles after they have lost one or more teeth. These titanium posts are surgically placed within your jaw, where they serve as a foundation upon which various restorations can be placed. Drs. Jeffrey Emmi and Laura Dougherty both place and restore dental implants at Smile Solutions by Emmi Dental Associates. If you would like to learn about the benefits of dental implants, contact our Wilmington office today.

The Functional Benefits of Dental Implants

Perhaps the most obvious benefits of dental implants are the increased security and functionality they provide. Drs. Emmi and Dougherty place implants surgically within the jaw bone where a patient is missing teeth. After a healing period, they will provide support for false teeth much like a roots support natural teeth.

Titanium is a biocompatible material, meaning the body does not recognize it as a foreign substance. Rather, the natural jaw bone tissue will actually begin to fuse with the implants over time. Called osseointegration, this process further strengthens the dental implant and stabilizes it from shifting.

When your dental implants and subsequent prostheses have been placed, you will enjoy the ability to speak, laugh, chew, and go about other daily oral functions with confidence. Unlike traditional crowns, bridges, and dentures, the risk of an implant-supported restoration slipping out of place or falling out of a patient's mouth is negligible. 

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The Aesthetic Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants themselves have no aesthetic value, as they are hidden within the jaw bone and covered by your gum line. However, they lead to other aesthetic benefits. Firstly, the prostheses that we place upon them look natural and beautiful. Our restorations are designed to fit with exacting precision upon each patients' implants, so the implants and abutments themselves are never visible.

When you lose a tooth or teeth, your jaw bone naturally begins to resorb into your body. Over time, this degeneration causes the bone to shrink and weaken. This weakening can be dangerous for adjacent teeth, which may become lose and fall out. As it begins to shrink, your cheeks can also begin to look sunken in. Many patients complain about the negative impact tooth loss can have on the look of their jaw, chin, and cheek areas.

Dental implants stimulate the jaw bone and prevent it from further degeneration. Because they are biocompatible, the jaw recognizes them as roots, and thus stops its process of reabsorption. This means your  cheeks will stop their process of gradually sinking in around your jaw.

Determining if Dental Implants are Right for You

Dental implants are not for everyone. Some patients' jaw bones are too weak or small to support traditional dental implants. In these cases, we may recommend bone grafting to supplement jaw tissue. Dental implants are not right for everyone. Our team can ultimately help you determine whether this is the right restorative option for you.

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