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Full-mouth reconstruction involves the replacement and rejuvenation of one or more teeth utilizing a variety of treatments. Full-mouth reconstruction involves the replacement and rejuvenation of one or more teeth utilizing a variety of treatments. Enlarge Video View All Videos

Dental problems can be more complicated than they appear on the surface. In fact, many patients with tooth decay or superficial damage to their teeth also suffer from more complicated dental conditions that reside beneath the surface. If this is the case and several aspects of your smile need to be addressed, Dr. Jeffrey Emmi and his smile specialists may recommend full mouth reconstruction. Our Wilmington, Delaware dentist has years of experience providing comprehensive dental solutions to a variety of cases, which range from the minor to the complex. Ultimately, our goal is to repair the health of your teeth and gums, improve the appearance of your smile, and renew your self-esteem.

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is a comprehensive treatment plan in which multiple restorative dentistry procedures are combined to treat the health, appearance, and function of the mouth. Missing or heavily damaged teeth affect not only the appearance of your smile, but also the strength of your bite and your oral health in general. Reconstructive dentistry procedures most commonly used in full mouth reconstruction plans include:

Dental Bridges - These dental prosthetics are composed of all-porcelain or metal-and-porcelain materials. A dental bridge closes the gap left by one or more missing teeth.

Dental Crowns - Dental crowns, also referred to as caps, act like hard-hats for damaged teeth while looking completely natural. The all-porcelain or gold-and-porcelain shell can be bonded directly to a refined tooth, which was once structurally compromised, or attached to the abutment on a dental implant.

Dental Fillings, Inlays, and Onlays - Dental fillings, inlays, and onlays are tooth-colored materials that are used to replace the portions of teeth damaged by decay or enamel loss. These restorations restore integrity to damaged teeth and prevent further damage from occurring.

Dental Implants - If your jawbone is in good health and you are missing one or more teeth, a dental implant can be surgically placed within your bone to act as a “man-made root” for an artificial tooth. Dental implants are titanium screws that are fused to the jawbone and to which a dental crown, dental bridge, or full set of dentures can be attached. Implants restore stability and strength to your mouth and can improve your ability to speak and chew.

Dentures - Dentures can be customized to fit your unique smile and securely form to the contour of your gums. Often anchored by dental implants, dentures are a wonderful way to complete your smile and enhance its beauty.

No matter which restorative treatments are used to complete your full mouth reconstruction at our Wilmington, Delaware dental practice, all of them remove damage, decay, and disease to improve your oral and overall health. Dr. Emmi will help determine what cost you can expect to pay for your full mouth reconstruction before treatment begins.

What to Expect during Your Consultation

At Smile Solutions by Emmi Dental Associates, our staff listens to your concerns, thoroughly evaluates your dental needs, and provides you with optimal solutions to repair the hard and soft tissues of your mouth, your teeth, bite, and jaw. No matter what your dental needs are, we will work directly with you to formulate an plan that works best for your budget and your oral health goals.

During your consultation, be prepared to discuss the aspects of your smile that you wish to improve and your overall goals for treatment. We will encourage you to be actively involved in the design phase of your restoration and communicate with our team any concerns or questions that you have. By doing so, we can begin to establish a strong foundation of trust between you and our team.

Learn More about a Full Mouth Reconstruction at Our Wilmington Dental Practice

You don’t have to live with an unhealthy smile any longer. By contacting our Wilmington, Delaware dental practice to learn more about full mouth reconstruction, you can take the first step toward achieving the smile you deserve.

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