Helping You Understand the Cost of Full Mouth Reconstruction

A close-up of a young woman's bright, white smileFor patients who are suffering from extensive dental problems, a customized full mouth reconstruction may be the best treatment. Full mouth reconstruction addresses the mouth as a whole. It will not only improve your appearance, but the function and health of your jaw and gums as well. For the right patients, this comprehensive treatment plan can be a great investment. To learn more about the cost of full mouth reconstruction, contact our Wilmington, DE, dental practice today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Emmi, Dr. Laura Dougherty, or Dr. Jeffrey Bartoshesky

Investing in Your Health and Comfort

Every full mouth reconstruction we perform involves a different combination of procedures. The goal of a full mouth reconstruction is to not only improve aesthetics, but to restore the health and function of the mouth. It is important to remember the relationship among the various elements of your mouth, as these impact your dental health.

For example, if you have a broken tooth, that might make chewing a challenge. Instead of chewing normally, you may find yourself compensating for the broken tooth, which in turn, may be causing you to have a sore jaw or even headaches. A full mouth reconstruction combines necessary neuromuscular, restorative, and cosmetic procedures to make sure your mouth is working the way it is supposed to. Although each full mouth reconstruction is as distinctive as the patient, it will likely involve some combination of the following treatments:

Though the number of possible procedures may seem daunting, remember that this treatment takes place over a period of time. We will take a conservative yet comprehensive approach in order to meet your oral health needs and aesthetic goals.

What Is the Cost Involved?

To begin, your doctor will perform a thorough evaluation of your mouth and discuss your goals in detail. This information will help him or her determine the best course of action, as well as the cost of treatment. It is important to remember that no two patients are the same, so it is impossible to provide an accurate quote without first completing an in-person evaluation.

Once a list of procedures has been decided on, you and your doctor will set up a treatment plan and timetable. We believe that it is important you are aware of the cost of treatment, and will help you understand what procedures may be covered by your dental insurance and what treatments will incur out-of-pocket costs. We want to create a plan that works with your budget, and can help with interest-free CareCredit® financing if necessary.

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Full-mouth reconstruction involves the replacement and rejuvenation of one or more teeth utilizing a variety of treatments. We are fully equipped for full-mouth reconstruction at our Wilmington offices, which may include procedures like dental crowns or bridges or dental implant restoration. Patients can restore their confidence in their smiles after a full mouth reconstruction.

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