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Tooth colored bonded fillings blend with natural teeth and are available at Smile Solutions in Wilmington. Our tooth colored fillings are matched to each patient's natural tooth color. In contrast to metal fillings of the past, these fillings blend seamlessly within the smile while providing durability and cavity protection for many years of functionality.

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There are two types of filling you can put in a tooth. You can do the standard amalgam silver filling, or you can do a tooth color bonded filling. Bonded fillings are nice because you can restore a tooth that looks a little bit gray or silver to its natural look. Once you do a bonded filling in a tooth, it's virtually impossible to see the filling. Most people are good candidates for a bonded filling. If it's too deep, perhaps we need to do a different procedure, like a full coverage crown, but if it's a standard medium to small filling, anyone can have a tooth-colored filling placed. The procedure's exactly the same as you do with the amalgam filling. You prepare the tooth. Then you just prepare the dentin, bond it into position, and then adjust the bite.

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