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Dental crowns are used at our Wilmington offices to cover teeth that are weakened or otherwise damaged. They distribute weight evenly in the bite, protecting the natural tooth below. Specialized crowns can also anchor dental bridges to fill the gap left by a missing tooth.

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What is a crown, and what is a bridge? A crown is a procedure that we do to restore the form and function of a tooth. So let's say that you have a large filling with decay underneath of it, and the volume of the filling and decay exceeds 50 or 60 percent of the tooth. Then a filling probably won't hold up long-term. So what we need to do is we need to do a procedure that sort of covers the tooth so that when you bite down on it, it doesn't break on the corner, and it restores it for a longer term. The way that we do a porcelain crown is we remove any decay process, and we shape the tooth in a sort of cylinder sort of shape so that the porcelain slides over top of it. The advantage of a crown is that once it completely encases the tooth then, you don't have to worry about that tooth fracturing. Now a dental bridge is just multiple crowns stuck together. If you have a space, your choice is to do a partial, removable denture, do a dental implant, or do a porcelain bridge. Sometimes, you don't have the bone for a dental implant, and you don't want to go through the surgical procedure to replace the bone, so then a dental bridge is a very viable option.

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