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Overall health is greatly affected by dental health. Smile Solutions in Wilmington offers dental health screenings for early diagnosis of dental health problems and solutions to stop and repair damage. Patients can receive cancer screenings, or dental clearance for other purposes from Dr. Emmi.

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A little known aspect of dental health is that it affects your general health. Most patients think, "Oh, it's only my teeth. If I have problems with my teeth, it doesn't go anywhere else." In fact, there has been lots of studies lately that there's a correlation between dental health and overall systemic health, specifically heart disease. When a patient needs some surgeries in hospital, whether it's heart surgeries or different joint replacement therapies, they need that dental clearance. They come in here. and we have to make sure they're free of decay and periodontal disease prior to a general surgery. So it's very important to have good general dental health for your overall systemic health.

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