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We remake dentures at Smile Solutions in Wilmington to restore the natural smile. Dr. Emmi is practiced in a wide variety of denture types, from partial dentures to full-arch dentures and implant-supported dentures. Our dentures are crafted from the highest-quality materials to blend naturally within a patient's mouth.

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The procedure that I get a lot of satisfaction from is remaking dentures for patients. Most of my denture patients come in and aren't happy with their smile or unhappy that they have dentures. We can really restore a good, natural smile by remaking their dentures. We use dentures that have porcelain teeth that mimics the natural looking tooth, and it's almost virtually impossible to tell that they have a denture once we make a new one for them. Usually, a denture lasts anywhere from 7 to 12 years. After that time, the bones shrink and the gums shrink and they recede into your mouth, and you get lines in your face. It looks as if you don't have teeth, so you need to have them replaced. At Smile Solutions, we replace them with the procedures that give you a natural looking smile again.

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