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Our Wilmington dentistry, Smile Solutions, offers root canal treatment for patients whose tooth roots have become damaged beyond repair. A root canal includes the removal of damaged root tissue from within the root canal of the tooth, saving the tooth and surrounding bone from further decay. This procedure is usually successful in preserving a natural tooth.

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A root canal is removing the nerve of the tooth, so it's essentially not alive anymore. The hot and cold sensitivity, the pain that a patient can experience because of decay that has gotten to the nerve of the tooth or an infection that has gotten into the tooth. You essentially take the nerve out. You clean everything. Then you seal it so nothing else can get in there. Root canals and crowns go hand in hand. Once you get a root canal, a crown is needed right away. It's not a painful procedure that they hear all these horror stories about. It's a way to preserve their tooth and remove the active infection that's there or get rid of that pain that they've been in as opposed to extracting the tooth.

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