Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction Wilmington, Delaware


Full-mouth reconstruction involves the replacement and rejuvenation of one or more teeth utilizing a variety of treatments. We are fully equipped for full-mouth reconstruction at our Wilmington offices, which may include procedures like dental crowns or bridges or dental implant restoration. Patients can restore their confidence in their smiles after a full mouth reconstruction.

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Full mouth reconstruction is the process that we restore all the teeth in your mouth, top and bottom arches. When you do full mouth reconstruction, you have to restore to the proper vertical dimension so that the patient doesn't have any sort of TMD or TMJ issues. When we are doing a full mouth reconstruction, it's a very precise process. So we temporize the top and bottom teeth to establish a proper bite. During that period of the provisional bridge work, we actually assess how you're chewing, how you're functioning, making sure your muscles are adapting to the new vertical dimension. Then, once we establish this new vertical dimension, which is the space between your teeth, how you bite, then we can go ahead and perform the final prosthesis. We send it to the lab, and we use the dimensions that we've created in the provisionals to create your new smile and your new bite.

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