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Mike received dental implants from Smile Solutions to restore his teeth, which were knocked out as a young child. Today, Mike visits Smile Solutions by Emmi Dental in Wilmington for new reconstructive procedures that have restored his mouth's functionality. Mike now has renewed confidence in his natural-looking smile.

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Hi, my name is Mike Person. I've had multiple types of procedures. I've been a patient for probably over four years to this practice. It all started in third grade. I went over the handlebars of a bicycle and kissed the ground and landed on my front teeth. That's where the original injury started. Through the years, I've had multiple procedures to try to correct the damage that was done. Now that I had these implants, I've got not only my smile back, I've got the power to really use my front teeth now as to where I can actually use them to bite an apple with confidence and not worry about having my temporary situations that I had before come off. It's been a world of change.

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