Meet the Staff

A photo of the Dr. Emmi and the staff at Smile Solutions by Emmi DentalI would like to introduce the best staff in the State of Delaware. We specifically hire staff that will be a good reflection on Smile Solutions by Emmi Dental Associates. Our number one job is to make our patients know that we care for their dental health and provide our services in a friendly, competent manner that’s focused on you. We hear so often that we are the friendliest dental office, and that makes it worth all the effort we put into taking care of our patients.

Our Doctors are highly qualified and are very focused on your well being and comfort. We take that job very seriously. Our Managers make sure that all aspects of a patient visit are professional, friendly, and comfortable. Melissa and Jessica run the clinical practice along with the rest of our staff, they make your visit as pleasant and as informed as possible. If you ever have a concern you let one of them know and it will be handled in a professional and prompt manner.

Our professional staff of hygienists make your dental health their primary concern. They will perform a thorough review of your medical history, do an oral cancer screening and multiple other unnoticed but important duties. We take a team approach when it comes to our patient care. Both the doctor and hygienist will thoroughly explain any treatment or concerns so that our patients can make a fully informed decision regarding their dental health.

Our assistants make the clinical doctor visit possible. Without my chair-side assistants, my job would be near impossible to complete with precision and efficiency. Our clinical assistant staff is trained well and is always looking for ways to better serve our patients.

We take pride in the fact that your first impression coming into the office is friendly and welcoming. Our administrative staff takes the time to greet you with a warm smile as they are busy answering calls, verifying insurance and checking out patients. They always make time as they juggle their everyday administrative duties.

And last but certainly not least is our insurance staff lead by Kristin. Insurance is more of a challenge every year and gets harder for patients to understand how to maximize their benefits. The submission of claims seems simple but new requirements by the insurance carriers are frequently added to slow the process of reimbursement. New forms of technology is constantly needed to keep up with what these big insurance conglomerates require from the patient for their paid benefits. We pride ourselves that we still submit, re submit and dispute insurance claims for the patients. Many dental offices seem to be moving away from that service because of the time, effort and cost associated with it. At Smile Solutions we believe that our special effort is rewarded with appreciation by the patient in making the dental visit easier and more comfortable.

In short, Smile Solutions is here for the patient and we are trained and willing to do what is needed to satisfy and improve the most challenging dental problem.