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Ideal Candidates for Dental Bonding

Wavy hair, freckles, an unusual laugh – little quirks like these make each of us unique. Some imperfections, however, like small chips in your teeth, can give people the impression that you don't take care of yourself. Looking healthy and fit from head to toe is an important part of your self-image and how others […]

Why do fillings “fall out” ?

I believe a big part of my job as a dentist is to explain to the patient what is happening in their mouth in terms they can understand. Some of my patients need a complete technical explanation from a mechanical engineering perspective. They want to hear about dental material tolerances, material biochemical structure, biomechanical limitations, […]

How to Fix Loose Lower Dentures

Can a loose lower denture get better suction? A weekly situation in my office, Smile Solutions by Emmi Dental Asssociates, involves a patient asking me to get their lower denture to fit better. When I explore exactly what they mean by ” fit better”, they usually say that their “denture is loose and they want […]