How many dental visits should it take to get my denture or a crown?


We live in a modern world with lots of technology. This technology allows the speed at which we receive information or products to increase exponentially. Most people, like me, are used to getting whatever we are buying fast. And delays seem like an eternity.

We eat fast food, have our cell phone on all the time, text people versus talking, order on Amazon for next day delivery, order groceries from Acme for home or office delivery. And the list could go on and on. So why would it be any different at the dental office? Well… it’s not. Most people expect fast painless services.

They want cleaning to fit neatly in between picking up the kids or lunchtimes. Any traffic jam throws off its timing and creates stress. My dental office tries to run on time. However, human nature does not always cooperate. That patient that is stuck in a traffic jam makes me alter my schedule which affects other patients I am seeing, etcetera etcetera.

Why the long introduction to my topic sentence? I am just trying to set the stage for the delivery of dental products such as crowns and dentures. The technology has greatly advanced however; there are still human interactions and material limits.

So I expect to deliver crowns in two visits and dentures in 3 to 4 days if all goes perfectly. Most times it goes very smoothly. However, occasionally something doesn’t fit perfectly and I want a new impression to correct the flaw. I feel bad because I too expect things to be done perfectly the first time. When that doesn’t happen, everyone may get frustrated.

The point of this blog is counter to our learned behavior of the last decade or so. Most times when a dentist returns a crown to the lab or takes another impression for a denture, it’s to make a better fit that benefits the patient.

So think about the times that it takes longer to get a product that the dentist is trying to give you the very best service and product possible. And eventually, you will be happy with the crown or denture. If not, then have a friendly discussion with the course of treatment to get the reason for the delays and not meeting your expectations. I am sure there is a good reason, even if it is not the answer you wanted.


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