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Why do I need a crown?

Our job as dentists is to extend the function of your dentition beyond the time you need the use of your teeth. That sounds a little extreme but the reality is that I don’t want my patients to have to “gum it” when they get old. So every patient that comes to my office I […]

Should I trust my dentist? Evidence based dentistry.

I don’t get this question asked to me in a direct fashion but I sense it is lurking in the background of patient’s minds. And honestly, it is no different then what people think when they get there car checked or HVAC system checked. I know that I even think to myself, “Do I really […]

How do I know I really need a filling or have a cavity? Is my Dentist telling me the truth? Who should I believe?

This is a very difficult situation to explain. I see it everyday day in my practice. Patients come to our office and tell me their other dentist told them they have a cavity and need some sort of dental treatment. They ask me if “they really have a cavity”. Their obvious implication is that the […]

Why do I need so many dental x-rays?

I get asked everyday ” why do I need dental x-rays”. I tell the patient that “it is the only way I can see between the teeth”.  Dental decay can be the fastest growing oral pathology. What needs to occur in your mouth to get a cavity? To get a cavity you need three things: […]

“Best Dentist in Delaware!”

I just saw a new patient this morning that found my office by searching for the “Best Dentist in Delaware” on google. She was having a problem with a crown done by another dentist. We took x-rays and spoke with her about her tooth complaint and figured out the cause of the pain. I sat […]

Total Family Dental Care.

Smile Solutions is a total family dental office. We provide services in all aspects of the dental disciplines that we can do as well as the specialist. We provide all the needs for your family from early child dental services to geriatric care for your parents or yourself. We have the best staff in Delaware […]

Can I get dentures in a day?

The short answer is yes. However, the real question I think that you should ask is do “I” want dentures in a day? I am being somewhat facetious with my last statement so I will try to explain my point. I would like to lose weight in a day, or get in shape in a […]

Best denture in Delaware.

  Smile Solutions by Emmi dental associates will make every attempt to get you the best denture that you could possible get in our great State.  We will go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. We first try to listen to your concerns and determine if a denture could meet those concerns. […]

The Dentist ground down my good tooth!

  I hear this from my patient’s every day. They point to a tooth or refer to a previous dentist that “drilled on a good tooth”, so that must be the reason for the problems they are having. I understand that sentiment 100%. I would think and feel a similar way if I was a […]

Why do dental implants cost so much? Affordable implants.

Dental implants are expensive. My experience has been that, in some situations, they are one of the most satisfying procedures done for patients. There are a few procedures in dentistry that bring smiles to both the patient and the Dentist. A well done set of porcelain veneers or crowns can transform a poor smile into […]