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I’m scared to go to my dentist office? Is it safe to go to my dental office? Is it Corona V safe?

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has certainly caused many issues with anxiety and fear of going about our normal lives. The changes that we have had to endure so we don’t get infected are monumental. I believe that all our future interactions will be seen through the lens of being wary of getting infected, at […]

“The Dentist ground down my good tooth!”

I hear this from my patients every day. They point to a tooth or refer to a previous dentist that “drilled on a good tooth”, so that must be the reason for the problems they are having. I understand that sentiment 100%. I would think and feel a similar way if I was a patient […]

My tooth was extracted, should I get a bridge or a crown?

  Every day I discuss the option to fill a space. And if a tooth is on either side of the space, you have basically 4 options. Do nothing. It may not look good and it will eventually allow your bite and teeth to shift but this is an option that must be presented to […]

How many dental visits should it take to get my denture or a crown?

  We live in a modern world with lots of technology. This technology allows the speed at which we receive information or products to increase exponentially. Most people, like me, are used to getting whatever we are buying fast. And delays seem like an eternity. We eat fast food, have our cell phone on all […]

How do I get a cavity under my crown? How long does a crown last?

I replace crowns many times a month due to decay. I probably get asked how a crown “gets decay” on it about 25% of the time. This is a very reasonable question if you are not familiar with the actual process and design of a crown cemented to a tooth. First, a crown does not […]

Why did my dentist miss the decay on my tooth if I come in twice a year?

A patient the other day asked me this question before we were ready to do a couple of fillings on him. I get this question in a few different ways. It may come out as, why did your associate not see this last time? Or, I just had x-rays last time, was it there then? […]

Why does my tooth hurt after my crown? It never hurt before.

You can replace the “crown” with any procedure that a dentist may perform. It seems perfectly logical to ask why it did not hurt before the procedure but it hurts now after… I would think the same thing if I were not a dentist. The first thing to understand is that a tooth is like […]

Why do I need a crown?

Our job as dentists is to extend the functionality of your dentition beyond the time you need the use of your teeth. That sounds a little extreme but the reality is that I don’t want my patients to have to “gum it” when they get old. So every patient that comes to my office I […]

Should I trust my dentist? Evidence based dentistry.

I don’t get this question asked to me in a direct fashion but I sense it is lurking in the background of patients’ minds. And honestly, it is no different than what people think when they get their car checked or HVAC system checked. I know that I even think to myself, “Do I really […]

How do I know I really need a filling or have a cavity? Is my Dentist telling me the truth? Who should I believe?

This is a very difficult situation to explain. I see it everyday day in my practice. Patients come to our office and tell me their other dentist told them they have a cavity and need some sort of dental treatment. They ask me if “they really have a cavity”. Their obvious implication is that the […]