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Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening Instead of Over-the-counter Treatments?

A bright, white smile can transform your appearance, making most people look younger and more refreshed. Professional tooth whitening can give you a bright, white, youthful smile in as little as one dental visit. Professional tooth whitening can achieve results in a single 60-minute visit that weeks of over-the-counter treatments are not capable of. This […]

What is the difference between the bleach kits I buy at the dentist office and the bleach kits I can buy outside the dental office and which is better?

  I frequently get asked in my Wilmington, Delaware dental office, "what is the difference between your bleach and the stuff I buy in the drug store besides the cost?" I smile and tell my patients the short answer is not that much. The actual chemical make up of most good bleach kits is similar. […]

What is the Gold standard for implant retained Dentures?

In my dental office, I am frequently asked how to get the best value and the biggest bang for the buck when considering dental implants. The patients that are asking me these questions usually have full dentures or partial dentures with a few remaining questionable teeth holding it in their mouth. Before I answer their […]