My tooth was extracted, should I get a bridge or a crown?


Every day I discuss the option to fill a space. And if a tooth is on either side of the space, you have basically 4 options.

  1. Do nothing. It may not look good and it will eventually allow your bite and teeth to shift but this is an option that must be presented to you.
  2. Do an Implant to fill the space
  3. Get a partial denture to fill the space
  4. Or get a dental bridge to fill the space.


Each of these options should be explained to you in detail before you make a decision. It’s called informed consent.

Let me briefly describe each for you. Although leaving a space may not be good for your function or esthetics, there may be times you need to wait to fill the space. You may not be able to afford the other options or you just need time to think about it. Almost always you will do NO lasting damage to your teeth or mouth if you wait to fill a space. You have some time. Don’t be pressured to fill the gap unless you want to.

The implant is the closest we can give you to replace a tooth with another tooth. However, there needs to be a few things in order to get the ideal implant. You need good bone, systemic health aids in healing, nonsmokers are much better candidates for implants than smokers. Plus we don’t have to drill down teeth on either side of the space. But it is usually more costly and takes longer to complete.

A partial denture is a time-tested restoration. It may not be ideal but it is many times a good financial compromise because we can fill many teeth spaces with a single denture. It will take time for you to get used to having it in your mouth and it may put excess force on the teeth it is attached to.

And finally, a dental bridge is a fine alternative. This approach works well and lasts for a decade or two. If the teeth on either side of the space are heavily filled then it fixes them as well as fills the space. If they are virgin teeth then perhaps an implant is needed if you have enough bone.

I briefly discussed each option. For more detail, talk with your dentist to see which treatment fits you best.


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