“Best Dentist in Delaware!”

I just saw a new patient this morning that found my office by searching for the “Best Dentist in Delaware” on google. She was having a problem with a crown done by another dentist. We took x-rays and spoke with her about her tooth complaint and figured out the cause of the pain.

I sat down with her and explained it wasn’t the other dentist’s crown or work, although she said she felt they were rushed at the other office. It was just the trauma from having the tooth and fillings and other work on it since she was 12 and something I see all the time. We gave her the treatment options and she was very happy with us. She said that I explained her problem in a way she understood and took the time to do it.

So that last statement brings me to the main topic, what is the best dentist? Certainly, all patients want the best dental care that the dentist can provide at a reasonable price. They want the office staff to be friendly and to have a clean office. Patients want to be treated as a person not as a procedure as we feel sometimes when going to government offices. And lastly, I think that the patient just wants to know the potential cause and potential remedies for their discomfort or pain explained in an understandable way in a friendly manner.

I think my staff at Smile Solutions offers great customer service and is the best staff in Delaware. We provide quality dentistry but do it in a friendly caring manner. The greatest dental care done abruptly or with no bedside manner may relieve the current problem but it doesn’t address the human side of the equation.

Smile Solutions by Emmi dental associates provides focused care on you in a friendly professional manner. Please call our office for a free consultation and we will prove it!
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