Best denture in Delaware.


Smile Solutions by Emmi dental associates will make every attempt to get you the best denture that you could possible get in our great State.  We will go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. We first try to listen to your concerns and determine if a denture could meet those concerns. If a denture can be fabricated to meet your needs we will try our best to fulfil your desires.

Our motto is” we strive for perfection but will accept excellence.”

Many dentists do not even make dentures because they can be very subjective. I mean that the patient must like the feel and look even if the dentists would have made them more ideal or different. Sometimes patients want the denture to look perfect white and straight. Sometime patients want the denture to look more natural with slight rotations to replicate natural teeth. I must get in my head what the patient wants so I can instruct the lab to make the denture fit the patients’ needs.

I enjoy doing dentures even though they can be very challenging.

If you need a replacement or a new denture please call to have a free consultation.

Call 302-999-8113 and as for Dr Jeffrey Emmi