Can I get dentures in a day?

The short answer is yes. However, the real question I think that you should ask is do “I” want dentures in a day? I am being somewhat facetious with my last statement so I will try to explain my point.

I would like to lose weight in a day or get in shape in a day or bench press more in a day. Most things in life that are valuable or worthwhile take more than a day.  Now, I can make a set of dentures in a day if certain things happen:

  1. I need a thorough exam to make sure dentures are what is required to fix the patient’s problem.
  2. I need to make sure the person has an established bite or vertical dimension that is functional.
  3. I need to make sure I can capture the bite accurately so the lab can duplicate it in the dentures
  4. I need to take an accurate impression of gums and teeth.
  5. I need to pour models and send them to the lab
  6. The lab needs to mount the case at the proper bite
  7. The lab needs to remove the stone teeth from the model and adjust gum tissue on the model.
  8. The lab needs to set the teeth in the proper three dimensions so they look and function properly.
  9. The lab needs to process in a stable material.
  10. The lab needs to finally adjust the bite after processing to minimize any errors from processing then polish and send it to the office.
  11. I need to try in your mouth and make sure all your teeth hit properly
  12. I need to remove any spots on the denture that rubs your gums too much.

If all these steps are performed well then I can make a set of dentures in a day. If I want to make a set of dentures in a day but these previous steps are not done ideally then I have to accept slight to moderate to major errors leading to poor fit, function or look of the denture in a day.

Some offices can do many of these steps in a day and for a very low price.  At times, the price difference may be enough that the patient may have to overlook some irregularities and accept them as compensation for a quicker delivery of a denture. At times, in my experience, all the stars are aligned and the denture looks very good and the patient got a reduced fee. Life is good on those days!


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