“Can you re-cement my crown?”

“Can you re-cement my crown?”
What does this statement mean to a dentist?
1. It could simply mean the cement is washed out and needs to be re-cemented.
2. It could be that decay has decayed the tooth so that the crown is no longer viable.
3. It could mean that the tooth was fractured under the crown.
4. It could mean that the bite is off so the crown loosens due to an off bite.

I see patients every week with this issue. The first step is to access the problem. Patients need to remember that everything in the mouth happens for a reason. It may be that your crown really does need to be re cemented. But the situation has to be evaluated by the dentist.

How long does cement last?
1. It depends on the amount of tooth-supporting crown
2. It depends on the type of cement.
3. It depends on the material of the crown
Many things affect the cementation of a crown. It’s a good rule of thumb that if a patient can get a decade out of most of their dental restorations then it was done well.
What are some additional factors affecting crown cementation?
1. The load on the crown is dictated by the number of teeth in the mouth.
2. The kind of bite the patient has.
3. If the patient is a grinder.
4. How well the patient brushes and flosses.
So as you can see, when I see a patient on my schedule for a “recementation of a crown”, I don’t think it is simply a matter to get the “good” glue out and put it back in.

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