“My Hygienist pulled my filling out!”

Can a hygienist or dentist pull a filling or a crown off during a routine cleaning?
The simplest answer is NO!
Now, I don’t mean to say that a crown or filling won’t be “pulled out” when getting cleaned. But a good filling or crown cannot be pulled out by normal cleaning procedures. If a filling or crown does loosen then it needed to be replaced or re cemented anyway.
Here are a few things that can cause a filling or a crown to be loose.
1. Decay under restoration
2. Cement washout due to decay or defect in restoration.
3. A filling that can no longer support the load of chewing
4. A bite that is too strong for the restoration
5. The tooth may actually be loose
6. An ill-fitting restoration
Our dentists will remove the restoration and evaluate the cause and propose a “smile solution” to the loose restoration
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