Total Family Dental Care.

Smile Solutions is a total family dental office. We provide services in all aspects of the dental disciplines that we can do as well as the specialist. We provide all the needs for your family from early child dental services to geriatric care for your parents or yourself. We have the best staff in Delaware in my opinion. They are friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and here to serve your dental needs. Our dentists have been voted the best dentists in Delaware Today several years in a row. We take more than the required continuing dental education courses. Our clinical staff is patient-centered and bends over backward to make your visits pleasant and we submit your dental claims for you. Our clerical staff works behind the scenes just as hard to track and make sure you get the maximum insurance benefits your plan offers. When your insurance company tries to deny rightfully allowed procedures we submit appeals on your behalf to fight for your benefits.

If you don’t get satisfaction at my office for any reason then just let me know and I will personally investigate and correct the situation on those extremely rare occasions.

I instruct my staff to treat you as they would a loved family member. Call Smile Solutions by Emmi Dental Associates and test us.

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