What is the difference between the bleach kits I buy at the dentist office and the bleach kits I can buy outside the dental office and which is better?


I frequently get asked in my Wilmington, Delaware dental office, "what is the difference between your bleach and the stuff I buy in the drug store besides the cost?" I smile and tell my patients the short answer is not that much. The actual chemical make up of most good bleach kits is similar. The big difference that you get when you come to my office is my experience, knowledge and a custom bleach tray. I say this not to impress but to inform. I mean, I examine a patient and can tell why your teeth are darker.

Your teeth could be darker due to extrinsic stains, faulty fillings, nerve damage, lighting, rotation of teeth, tetracycline staining or a myriad of other causes. Bleaching teeth is a great service when done on the right teeth for the correct reasons. If you had a trauma to your front tooth as a kid and it has darkened, then bleaching alone will probably not fix it. If you have an old leaky composite filling that has darkened then bleaching will not lighten it. If you have a dark crown then bleaching can not lighten it. 

What a patient should expect when they come to my office for a bleaching consultation:

1. A thorough examination and diagnosis of why they have darker teeth.

2. A description of any leaky filling that will not be bleached out and that could cause severe sensitivity if bleached without replacement.

3. A prognosis of how well I expect your teeth to lighten.

4. And, last but certainly not least, you will be fitted with a custom bleach tray that is a big reason that dental bleaching works so much better than out of office bleach kits. 

When a patient bleaches in my office , we can discuss what they want to achieve for their smile and decide if only bleaching will get them to their goal. It is helpful for the patient to know that I am there to answer any questions or concerns they have about their smile and having whiter healthier teeth. That added value should be considered greatly when deciding to buy some bleach kits that looks like a saving because it initially costs less. However, if you don't get the results you are looking for that money will be wasted and perhaps undue damage may be caused if a tooth needed a new filling before bleaching to close the gap to the nerve.

Please call my office for a free bleach consultation so we can chat about getting you a more whiter healthier smile! call 302-999-8113!