What is the Gold standard for implant retained Dentures?

In my dental office, I am frequently asked how to get the best value and the biggest bang for the buck when considering dental implants. The patients that are asking me these questions usually have full dentures or partial dentures with a few remaining questionable teeth holding it in their mouth. Before I answer their questions, I define the word "value" and the phrase "biggest bang for the buck" as I see it.


1. Value: My definition of value is the services that I can provide that have the greatest positive impact on your life.

2. Biggest bang for the buck: I describe this phrase to mean the cost of my services AND the level of customer service which accompanies those services relative to other equally qualified dental offices.

There is no question in my mind that the biggest dental life changes occur after getting smile makeovers, replacing missing back teeth, taking away chronic halitosis related to periodontal disease and getting an implant retained denture. This article will focus on the last life altering dental service that I provide, implant retained dentures.

A traditional denture is an appliance that is held in position by its design, the patient’s dental anatomy and the patient’s dental environment. The way a denture is designed aids in its retention. The design occurs during the careful impression stages of denture fabrication. Your gum/bone anatomy is a major factor in denture retention(looseness). A flat palate decreased saliva flow and overactive masticatory muscles increase the likely hood of having a looser denture. Years ago, patients had to just "live with" this situation. You do not have to have loose dentures anymore!

Implant retained dentures can drastically increase your comfort and ability to chew and digest food better. This increased comfort and chewing strength is the VALUE that is added to your life. I have heard almost universally that the patients' quality of life is greatly increased when they don’t have to "take out their teeth" during or after meals. The ability to eat all the foods that others can eat without having to cut their food up like a "baby" also allows them to live life as it used to be when they had all their own teeth. Implant retained dentures don’t slip and slide during speech or eating and will never just pop out of your mouth in a social situation. This value-added quality of life is priceless.

So, the value of an implant retained denture is obvious. How about the biggest bang for the buck phrase. This is a little more nuanced to answer. The cliche that "you get what you pay for" everyone knows is true most times. Or the phrase "their is no free lunch" applies all too often. These cliches are common because it seems that in life we need to put the time and effort into something if we want it to benefit our lives. Dental implants are not different. The good news is that by reading this article, you have stumbled across a dental office in Wilmington Delaware that offers great services and values for our dental implant retained dentures. Geographically between Philadelphia and Baltimore, Wilmington Delaware is in a unique location between two large metropolitan cities so you can obtain significant values for dental implant services versus the Main Line and Baltimore.

A fixed, meaning a denture that you can not take in or out, 5 implant retained denture is the gold standard in dentistry today. With this denture, you will no longer have to use dental adhesive, put up with the chewing inefficiencies, sore spots, or fear of your denture popping out in social situations. You will no longer have to make sure your spouse never sees you with your denture out again. This dental service is life-changing as well as having a great personal and functional value.

Call my office at Smile Solutions by Emmi Dental Phone Number 302-999-8113 and mention this article to get a free consultation for 5 implants and a fixed denture to go with it. By mentioning this article you can save up to 39%, now that is a big bang for your buck! Ask for Irene when you call.
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