I’m scared to go to my dentist office? Is it safe to go to my dental office? Is it Corona V safe?

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has certainly caused many issues with anxiety and fear of going about our normal lives. The changes that we have had to endure so we don’t get infected are monumental. I believe that all our future interactions will be seen through the lens of being wary of getting infected, at least in the short term.

The good news is that the dental office went through this same fear which led to universal safety precautions during the AIDS virus scare. Our training is such that we assume everyone is infected therefore we are completely protected which serves to protect the patients as well. Our dental license in Delaware requires OSHA training before each renewal.

That being said, what are we doing at Smile Solutions to help make our staff and patients feel safe?  We have or will implement too many protocols to mention in this article before we reopen after the State of Emergency is called off by the Governor. A full detailed list is on our website, Dr.Emmi.com or just look up Smile Solutions by Emmi Dental Associates website online.

Here are a few major changes

  1. Class 2 medical-grade air purifying units. I have enough to filter 5x my office area for extra protection.
  2. Monthly virucidal misting of entire office to kill anything of surfaces that are not killed by our very thorough cleaning regime. Done twice before re-opening.
  3. PPE’s, masks are worn by all staff members all day. This is overkill but I want my patients as well as my staff to feel safe.
  4. High risk for infection employees are further isolated for their protection. Safety for them is important to me.
  5. New normal social distancing enacted and wait less check-in/check out
  6. Many many other protocols will become standard procedures.

Please visit our website or come see our very friendly, professional, and SAFE office yourself.

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